Investing is an art and highly emotional and subjective.

When buying stocks, if your buying decisions are based on"insiders' information or rumours" and not sound analysis, then you are gambling. Many investors enter the market when stocks prices are high (lacking of confidence to enter beforehand when prices were low). Once the stocks market crash, they tend to sell out their shares out of fear and pessimism, swearing to "chop off their fingers" and never enter the stocks market again. If such situation happens, all their previous gains may be wiped out and suffered a loss.

Investing is an art and highly emotional and subjective. Subjectivity is largely controlled by our emotions. There are times when we are optimistic or pessimistic. If we are unable to control our emotional weakness, we are unlikely to become successful investors.

To be successful, you must first understand yourself, in particular your emotions and the degree of pressure you can tolerate.

The investors should also analyse the country's economic prospects together with the earnings outlook of the major listed companies.

It is imperative that you like Mathematics as the sound mathematical knowledge plays a key role in investment.

财富為了实现梦想;而非梦想拥有财富 .

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Thursday, September 16, 2010


英文片名: Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps
 制 片: Alessandro Camon   
编 剧: 布赖恩·布罗 Bryan Burroug


 在经典商战片《华尔街》的结尾,不择手段的股市大亨戈登(迈克尔·道格拉斯 饰)遭到应有的报应被判入狱20年。而在续集《华尔街2》中,戈登出狱了,他准备重新投身到华尔街商战中,但他很快就无奈地发现自己已经跟不上时代了,现 在这个华尔街比他当年更加贪婪和凶险,这个崭新的时代是属于年轻人杰克·摩尔(希亚·拉博夫 饰)的。最令人期待的则是执着于社会政治话题的导演奥利弗·斯通,他在这部续集里将如何表达他对于全球金融危机的看法呢?

影片另一点引人注目之处恐怕就是希亚·拉博夫和凯瑞·穆里根——这对现实中的情侣档银幕携手。 当然,片中希亚·拉博夫的角色难免让人与《华尔街》中的查理·辛,不过身穿皮衣、脚蹬摩托的拉博夫可比当年的“菜鸟”查理·辛看起来“邪恶”得多。
而由 《成长教育》而走红的英国女星凯瑞·穆里根以自身可爱的气质为本片带来了不少亮色。   


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